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Simple Head System

Simple by design but packed with super stop motion tech! Using tiny gimbal based eye mechanisms gives you precision control over each eye with gentle pressure from your finger tip.

The Simple range of heads provide a broad selection of characters, each with a choice of eye colour and printed in a beautifully smooth, high quality flesh tone resin. For other skin colours, use a thin coat or primer and any quality acrylic paint to suit.

Designed as a blank canvas for adding sticker mouths, eyebrows etc

Each head comes complete with a 6mm Ball "Pop" Joint providing smooth, full head movement.

  • Independent eye control using super small gimbal technology
  • Each eye tension is fully adjustable on left/right and up/down axis 
  • Removable scalp for easy access to internal mechanism, secured with neodymium magnets
  • Removable scalp can be used as a base for hair
  • 6mm Ball "Pop" joint for super smooth, full pivot control at the base of the skull for natural movement
  • Choice of 5 eye colours
  • Height 60mm x  Depth 45mm x Width 40mm (inc. ears)


1 x 3D Printed Head (Face and Scalp)

2 x 12mm Diameter Eye Mechanisms

1 x 6mm Ball "Pop" Joint

Spare Fixings

Tools Required:

0.9mm Hex / Allen Key

1.5mm Hex / Allen Key

00 Micro Screw Driver

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