"Shaun the Sheep the Movie was a great challenge due to the dozens of extra characters required to populate the city. On Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit the model making team built background characters with a mixture of ball and socket and wire limbs - but the wire often snapped under the pressure. Lot's has changed in the 10 years since, and I was really impressed when I first got my hands on one of Julian's armatures. In the operating theatre sequence, I worked with a number of characters built with Julian's custom made armatures. They were easy to tension/rig and offered the range of movement required, from bold and broad to very subtle. I'd happily work with them again."

Will Becher
Animator & Director, Aardman Animations Ltd
Twitter @will_becher
Web http://willbecher.co.uk


"Julian worked with us on 'Shaun the sheep the movie' to help make the enormous quantity of background characters needed to flesh out a city. We provided him with ourspecifications and he designed and built more than 60 bespoke armatures. He was always friendly and helpful and most of all, reliable and swift in delivering the armatures."

Andrew Bloxham
Deputy of Model Making Department, Aardman Animations Ltda


As a professional stop-motion animator good armatures are essential – they make your work look amazing ...as well as saving you lots of time and effort. Therefore I choose my armatures and rigs very carefully – Julian Clarks are the best. Plus they’re really good value!
Julian’s service is very professional and second to none! I recommend him to all my stop-motion colleagues

James Kerr
Animator & Director, Kerrupt Animation Ltd



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