Polyurethane Resin Casting Kit - 1.9 Kg

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Polyurethane Resin Casting Kit - 1.9 Kg

EasyFlo™ Liquid Plastics are excellent for casting decorative objects, production parts, tools, models, duplicate masters and more. EasyFlo systems consist of two parts (A and B) that, after mixing, quickly cure to tough polyurethane plastics.

Since Parts A and B are super-low viscosity liquids, they are easy to mix, provide excellent detail penetration, and make bubble-free castings without vacuum degassing or pressure casting techniques.
Rapid demold times make EasyFlo ideal for high-volume, fast-cast applications. All EasyFlo products can be easily colorcast, painted or machined. Most EasyFlo products can be filled
for various cold-cast techniques such as cold-cast bronze, marble, etc. Thin-walled castings made from EasyFlo have surprising strength and lack the brittleness typical of other low viscosity, fast
polyurethane resins.

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