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Modus V4 Pro Built Stop Motion Animation Armature
Modus V4 Pro Built Stop Motion Animation Armature
Modus V4 Pro Built Stop Motion Animation Armature
Modus V4 Pro Built Stop Motion Animation Armature
Modus V4 Pro Built Stop Motion Animation Armature

Product Description

The most comprehensive , feature packed stock Animation Armature in the world...........

Bring Your Characters to Life with the Modus V4 Pro Stop Motion Animation Armature

Professional puppeteers and animators, rejoice! The Modus V4 Pro is the high-quality, precision-engineered stop motion animation armature you've been dreaming of. Hand-crafted with the finest materials and built to last, this versatile armature will help you create stunning, expressive characters that leap off the screen.

Here's what makes the Modus V4 Pro the ultimate choice for discerning animators:

  • Unmatched Precision: 17 points of articulation, including stainless steel hinge-jointed legs, 3D printed resin "Armour," and fully articulated practice hands, let you achieve lifelike movements with incredible accuracy.
  • Perfect for All Sizes: Designed for 230mm/9" scale puppets, the Modus V4 Pro also boasts free custom design and fabrication for any other size you need. No puppet is left behind!
  • Built to Endure: Over 44 precision steel parts, crafted using the latest laser cutting and CNC technology, ensure smooth operation and long-lasting durability.
  • Effortless Control: Say goodbye to frustrating joint slips! The Modus V4 Pro's innovative ball joint system with traditional silver solder and silver-brazed brass components provides exceptional strength and fluidity.
  • Seamless Rigging: Four integrated rigging points with M3 threaded lock-offs and interlocking sections make attaching your puppet to any rigging system a breeze.
  • Natural Movement: Anatomically correct shoulder and torso joints, along with an interlocking neck section and 10mm heavy-duty double back ball joint, mimic natural human movement for truly believable animation.
  • Customization Made Easy: Interlocking forearm joints and an easy-swap head connection allow you to quickly change hands and heads, giving your characters endless versatility.

The Modus V4 Pro is more than just an armature; it's your creative partner. With its exceptional quality, precision, and ease of use, you'll be able to focus on what matters most: bringing your vision to life.

Order your Modus V4 Pro today and experience the difference!

Starting from £259.99

Free custom service included


Technical Information

Technical Drawing and actual size print sheet are available to download HERE

*Free custom design and fabrication excludes additional joints, features and 3D Printing




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Modus V4 Pro Built Stop Motion Animation Armature

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