Modus Pro Built Armature- 228mm / 9 Inch Scale

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Modus Pro Built Armature- 228mm / 9 Inch Scale

The most comprehensive , feature packed stock Animation Armature in the world...........


Each Modus Armature is personally designed and built by Julian Clark, armature fabricator for Aardman and supplier of thousands of armatures worldwide to students, enthusiasts and professional studios.


  • 17 Precision Ball & Socket Joints - beautifully smooth with plenty of resistance to material
  • Brand new CNC stainless steel Ball and Socket Joints, compact and strong.
  • Torso Section includes multiple threaded pick-ups for body armour and extensions (coming soon)
  • 4 integrated rigging points with M3 threaded 45° & 90° lock-offs - covers front-to-back and side-to-side axes.
  • Interlocking forearm joints for easy and secure replacement of hands
  • Natural and anatomically correct shoulder and torso joints - perform "shrug" and front-to-back shoulder movements with precision and control
  • Interlocking neck section - easily attach and detach your puppet head, complete with integrated M3 lock off.
  • Double back ball joint for strength and fluidity in the lower and upper back
  • Ball jointed foot set with individual tension points for heel and toe, plus M3 threaded tie down points in both heel and toe plates
  • Made with over 35 precision steel parts, utilising the latest CNC and Laser Cutting technology
  • Powder coated torso and hip section for extra durability


Ball Stem Technology with traditional silver solder techniques


Ball Stems are 6mm balls with an M3 threaded 70mm stem precision made from a single piece of hard wearing stainless steel, completely solving the age old issue of balls being ripped from rod ends during lengthy animation.

These Ball Stems are used throughout the construction of this pre-built armature, with the exception of 3 separate points of articulation - shoulders and lower back section. So, to solve a potential weakness issue, these areas have been professionally silver brazed.

Silver Brazing is a process of joining metal through a heating technique along with the addition of a "filler" metal, this technique is used to permanently secure a stainless steel ball to a stainless steel rod, joining lock-off points to brass tubing (lock-off's are used to secure rigging points or interlocking tubing) and to join steel components.

This armature has silver brazed brass interlocking rigging points, interlocking wrist sections, interlocking neck section, shoulder ball joints, lower back section and foot components (one of the most important areas for strength on an armature).



New Foot Component with Toe Pivot Joint & 2 integrated tie down points

A strong, stable foot set with individual toe & ankle tensioning, two M3 threaded tie down points positioned in the toe and heel section, plus restricted lateral movement on toe pivot point to ensure natural foot movement.


Integrated Interlocking Rigging points
Stability of you puppet will always be paramount, therefore successfully rigging your armature will not only make animating a whole lot easier, but will enable you to execute technical moves such as jumping, falling or even flying.

So, this armature comes equipped with FOUR integrated, interlocking rigging points to cover all possible points of connection, all positioned in the torso and hip, along with 45 and 90 degree lock-off's to secure the corresponding "rig arm".

You simply insert the rig arm (normally square metal bar with a steel ball attached) into the rigging point and tighten the M3 grub screw down onto the arm.

There are many rigging solutions available in the "Rigging" section of this site.


Interlocking Wrist Joint and Replacement Hand Capability

Build your puppet like the pro's - by using the replacement hand technique! This armature comes as standard with interlocking lower arm sections that enable easy replacement of hands.

Each forearm section is engineered to accept 3.18mm (1/8") square tubing, square bar or even armature wire.

On most stop motion productions, each puppet will have a selection of spare hands and different style hands ( for example, it is fairly difficult to make a convincing "fist" shape with an open hand armature, so alternatively modelled replacement fist shaped hands are made). Also, the most commonly used material for fingers is aluminium armature wire, which after prolonged use, will break and need replacing. Duplicates are made for the duration of the animation to replace when a breakage occurs, or even when the hand material (silicone, latex etc.) starts to wear and split. 


Easy Interchangeable Head Connection

Another useful addition to make puppet construction more effective, and to detach the puppets head easily during animation, is the Interchangeable Head Connection - engineered to slot into 3.97mm (5/32") square tubing.

The ability to remove your puppet's head during animation is a must if you are using replacement mouth sets, or to sculpt different expressions if you are using clay.


Technical Information

Technical Drawing and actual size print sheet are available to download below


Type: Ball & Socket
Material: Stainless steel construction with stainless steel Balls & Ball Stems
Weight: 155 Grams
Joint Size: Length 16mm/0.63" x width 7mm/0.27" x depth 8mm/0.31"
Ball size: 6mm & 3mm diameter stainless steel 
Rod size: M3/3mm stainless steel 
No. Joints: 18
Tie Down: M3 tie down in toe and heel plate
Rigging: K&S type square brass tubing in Torso & Hip Joint, will accept 3.18mm (1/8") square tubing. All with 45° and 90°, M3 threaded lock-off points
1 x Pre-Built Armature
1 x 100cm Spool of 1mm Aluminium Armature Wire
1 x Allen Key Set (1.5mm & 2.5mm Allen Keys)
1 x Spares Bag (Bolts, Nuts etc)

Weight 0.25kg
Brand JulianClarkStudios
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