Modus Armature Kit

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Modus Armature Kit

The Pro Studio now includes the New Ball Stem from JulianClarkStudios, these are fantastic little components that make armature construction even easier and you will never experience balls falling of rods again.

Ball Stems are 6mm balls with an M3 threaded 70mm stem precision made from a single piece of hard wearing stainless steel, no need for threadlocking or soldering!!

There are 11 x 6mm Ball Stems with this kit, which have a separate selling price of £28!

Type: Ball & Socket
Material: Stainless steel construction with stainless steel Ball Stems
Weight: 125 Grams
Height Range: 15cm/6" to 30cm/12"
Joint Size: Length 16mm/0.63" x width 7mm/0.27" x depth 8mm/0.31"
Ball size: 6mm diameter stainless steel 
Rod size: M3/3mm stainless steel 
No. Joints: 16 (including integrated torso and foot set)
Tie Down: M3 tie down in foot plates
Rigging: 2 x K&S type square slot in Torso & Hip Joint, will accept 3.97mm (5/32") square tubing
  • New improved CNC Stainless Steel single/fixed joints for easier construction and adaption
  • Professional ball jointed torso set with K&S type connection for rigging, including 2 integral ball joints
  • Adaptive Torso set for improved shoulder movement, i.e shrug, stretch etc.
  • Super small components for less restraints on puppet design
  • New compact hip joint with K&S type connection for rigging
  • Realistic foot set with pivot controlled toe joint
Kit Build Time: 2 - 3 hours depending on experience ( Silver brazing highly recommended for final construction)

  • General joint tension - joints will "bed" in and become smoother after usage, joints will require periodic adjustment for desired tension.

10 x 6mm CNC Stainless Steel Single/Fixed Joint Set
1 x Torso joint set including 2 integrated 6mm ball joints
1 x Hip joint set
1 x Articulated foot set with pivot controlled toe joint

10 x M2 x 6mm cap head bolt
1 x M2 x 8mm cap head bolt
4 x M3 washer
12 x M3 full nut
11x 6mm Ball Stem (6mm Diameter ball, 5mm collar with 70mm M3 threaded rod)
1 x M3 Threaded Stainless Steel 3.18 x 3.18mm Square Bar
3 x M3 threaded 6mm steel ball

1 x 100cm spool 1mm armature wire
1 x 1.5 & 2.5mm allen keys


Assembly is required for this kit by a capable adult. Not intended as a toy.

Made in the United Kingdom. Copyright Julian Clark 2018. All rights reserved

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