Creature Foam - Foam Latex System (1.1 Litre Kit)

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Creature Foam - Foam Latex System (1.1 Litre Kit)
Creature Foam -  Foam Latex System
Build stop motion animation puppets like the pro's with this fantastic industry renowned Foam Latex System!

This kit is currently being used on the set of the latest Star Wars for prosthetics and special effects!!

Top foam runners agree that there is no finer product of its kind available today. Used throughout the world by top industry professionals, The Creature Foam  Latex is unmatched for its quality, dependability and stability.

Its unique Chemistry yields a velvety soft foam with extremely fine cells. This makes for beautiful prosthetic blending edges and precision detail reproduction. Creature Foam - Foam Latex System is suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from stop motion puppets, prosthetic makeup-appliances, creature suits to large animatronic characters for film and television. Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions and all the necessary components for making foam latex. Can be baked in molds made from aluminum, stone, fiberglass, epoxies and silicone. Creature Foam - Foam Latex is a very economical choice for all sorts of projects & make-up effects.

Additional equipment is required to successfully use this kit, such as an electric mixer, scales, measuring cups, oven etc

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Full instructions are available to download HERE

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*This kit is intended for use by an experienced user and no responsability will be taken for any loss or damage incurred whilst using this product.
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