• Alpha Premium Studio Armature - 9 Inch/228mm scale
  • Alpha Premium Studio Armature - 9 Inch/228mm scale
  • Alpha Premium Studio Armature - 9 Inch/228mm scale
  • Alpha Premium Studio Armature - 9 Inch/228mm scale
  • Alpha Premium Studio Armature - 9 Inch/228mm scale

Alpha Premium Studio Armature - 9 Inch/228mm scale


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Introducing the new

from JulianClarkStudios

"ALPHA - The most comprehensive and specification packed stop motion animation armature available"
Using exactly the same components, technology and design as used for 90% of the puppets in Aardman`s "Shaun The Sheep The Movie", the ALPHA boasts EIGHT rigging points, FOUR tie-down points in the feet, SIXTEEN points of articulation, FOURTEEN heavy duty ball & socket joints, TWO "New" Hybrid Hinge jointed knees, THREE size options (9"/228mm, 12"/300mm & Custom), TWO 6mm ball ended rig arms (long & short), interlocking wrist & neck joints, fully silver brazed throughout with heavy duty 3mm thick mild steel plate -all with a beautifull Powder Coated finish to prevent any form of corrosion!

Each ALPHA is personally designed and built by Julian Clark, armature fabricator for Aardman and supplier of over 2000 armatures worldwide to students, enthusiasts and professional studios.

The NEW Hybrid Hinge Joint

What is a hinge joint?.....a hinge joint creates a more realistic & natural movement, particulary in the knee joint - providing easier, more precise control when performing walk/run animation. Simply put, your knee only bends in one direction - it does not swivel or spin (hopefully).

Hybrid Hinge Technology

Traditional hinge joints can be very difficult to maintain, notoriously "sticking" and "rough" movements, unlike the smooth simplicity of a ball joint. But, a hinge joint offers better control and realistic movement.

So, JulianClarkStudios has developed a "hybrid" of both technologies.

Smooth, precise movement of a ball & socket joint, along with a special encapsulated 6mm steel ball to restrict side to side movement and complete with a built in "stopper" to prevent the lower leg travelling forward past the natural line of the leg.


Multiple Rigging Points

The ALPHA contains EIGHT rigging entry points, utilising the interlocking square tube method with SEVEN 45° and 90° lockoff points!

By using the Square Tube method, the armature can not twist or move when secured, other methods such as "screw in" types can loosen and ruin a shot whilst animating.
TWO custom made re-inforced Rig Arm`s are provided with the ALPHA - a 65mm long Arm with a 50mm insert and a 35mm long Arm with a 20mm insert.

These Rig Arm`s slot into one of the EIGHT entry points, and are secured with an M3 grub screw.

Each Rig Arm consists of three interlocking lengths of square brass tube with a 6mm Ball Stem, all silver brazed together to give a solid & secure connection, especially with more robust puppet designs.

Interlocking Wrist & Neck

The ALPHA once again comes loaded with connectivity features:

Interlocking Neck insert with 90° lock off point and 6mm Joint for easy head replacement.

Interlocking wrist joints with 90° lock off points for interchangable hand techniques.

Powder Coating & Material Types

Why Powder Coating?.....

The Powder Coated finish not only looks great but provides a host of advantages in the armature and puppet making process, advantages such as:
  • Tough, durable protection and anti-corrosion abilities - protects your investment and allows recycling of your armature for future projects
  • Creates a more substantial surface to adhere to - silicone, foam, glue etc
  • Prevents contamination during processes such as curing silicone skin and foam baking.
  • For custom armatures, a huge range of colours are available - create a cool "robot" armature and use the armature as your puppet!
Mild Steel Vs Stainless Steel

All JulianClarkStudios armatures are manufactured in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Brass. These three metal types are used as follows:
  • Mild Steel - All major components such as joint plates, torso & hip sections, feet etc
  • Stainless Steel - All balls, ball stems and connecting rods
  • Brass - All square tube inserts and rigging points
Basic engineering states that you should never use the same material types together in a moving mechanism, such as a ball & socket joint. For example, if you use a stainless steel ball between stainless steel joint plates, both parts will naturally work against each over and "knit" or "catch" when moved - this becomes more apparent over a period of use and particulary when the joint tension is increased. At JulianClarkStudios, we only use stainless steel balls with mild steel components, this is just a simple rule of engineering by using hard (stainless steel) and soft (mild steel) to create a smooth, durable connection.

Of course, the only drawback of mild steel is that it can corrode (rust) easily if not properly maintained - that's why we powder coat!! (see above)

Specification & Technical Reference

ALPHA (9"/228mm Scale):
  • 16 points of articulation
  • 7 Heavy Duty 6mm Fixed Joints
  • 3 Heavy Duty 10mm Fixed Joints
  • Torso Unit with integrated 4 way 5.56mm (7/32") rigging points, 2x 90° & 3x 45° M3 lockoff points, 3x integrated 10mm joints and a 5.56mm(7/32") interlocking neck insert.
  • Hip Unit with integrated 4 way 5.56mm(7/32") rigging points, 2x 90° & 1x 45° M3 lockoff points
  • NEW Hybrid Hinge Knee Joints
  • Foot Set with 4x M3 tie down points, individual toe & ankle tension control with toe pivot feature
  • 6mm Ball Stem technology used throughout
  • 4.76mm (3/16") interlocking wrist sections with 90° M3 lockoff points
  • 196g fully assembled
  • Complete with 2x custom made re-inforced Rig Arm`s - a 65mm long Arm with a 50mm insert and a 35mm long Arm with a 20mm insert
  • Supplied fuly assembled & tested in a 300mm "Tough Box"
PLEASE NOTE: Each ALPHA is made to order, please allow 7 to 10 days for dispatch. Contact us for current lead times.

Technical Reference:

A full technical drawing is available to download HERE

Please note that dimensions are between ball centres where appropriate.

Please check that all dimensions will accomodate your puppet design. A fully customisable ALPHA is available HERE


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