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We are proud to present the latest in armature innovation - the Ball Stem, designed and manufactured by JulianClarkStudios.

The Ball Stem is a new component designed to eliminate the biggest issue with stop motion animation armatures - steel balls detaching from the rods.

Traditionally, the only sure way of keeping a steel ball attached to a steel rod is to silver solder/braize them together, this is not only an acquired skill, but costly to invest in the correct equipment and very hazardous in the process.

Quite simply, the Ball Stem is a ball and threaded rod precision made from a single piece of stainless steel! That's never going to come apart!!

Using the latest precision technology to achieve the acuracy required for the smooth operation of all ball & socket joints, working within tolerances of 0.03mm and manufactured from hard wearing stainless steel, the Ball Stem can be used with any ball & socket joint that utilizes a 5mm or 6mm ball. 

  • 6mm Diameter Ball End
  • 3mm diameter, 5mm long smooth collar to protect edges of joints
  • 70mm long, M3 threaded Stem
  • All made from hard wearing 304L Stainless Steel
  • Just cut to size and debur!
  • Use additional Threaded Rod  & Threaded Rod Connectors to increase original length (see below)



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6mm Stainless Steel Ball Stem

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